George Molsbarger

George Molsbarger Gives 520k USD to American Red Cross

George Molsbarger is known for making very generous charitable contributions on a regular basis. In fact, he donates tens of millions of dollars to organizations such as educational programs, various homes for children and projects designed to improve social welfare in the community. The American Red Cross was also very happy to receive a donation of $520,000 USD from George Molsbarger. The money will be used to support efforts providing relief to people affected by disasters.

Mr. Molsbarger main business activity is centered around taking ideas in their early development stages and turning them into fruitful projects by raising hundreds of millions of dollars from a variety of investment sources, such as public and private corporations. While George Molsbarger devotes a lot of time and effort into business investments, he also believes that investing in society is of paramount importance. This is something he does through the Squid & Squash foundation, a non-profit helping children with special needs, providing disaster relief and special education programs, as well as support for many charity programs that offer help to youth in need.

One of the reasons why George Molsbarger has chosen to make a large donation to the American Red Cross is because he considers the organization to be particularly special, as its relief efforts have a wide reach. In a statement where he emphasized his admiration for the organization, George said that every time a disaster happens, no matter how big it is or where it occurs, people can count on the Red Cross to be the first ones helping out.

The Red Cross has reacted very positively to Mr. Molsbarger's generous contribution. David Kramer, one of the organization's active volunteers who participates in their fundraising efforts, made a statement reminding individuals that all around the world, individuals are counting on assistance from the Red Cross during the darkest of times and that donations from people like George Molsbarger are crucial to the organization.

The Red Cross has a presence in 186 countries, with more than 17 million assisting volunteers. They're famous for their active response to natural and man-made disasters. In fact, the Red Cross has been present at more than 150,000 such events in the United States. Examples include hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires. The organization values every financial pledge it receives, as the funds enable them to continue their excellent quality work.

With the donation made by George Molsbarger, the Red Cross can efficiently offer disaster relief services both in the United States and abroad. However, they need continued support to help common people when they most need it. This includes monetary donations, as well as help from volunteers who can be on the ground when disaster strikes.

Anyone can visit the Red Cross website to find out more about how they have helped people throughout the years and to see different ways that an individual can contribute to their mission, such as by volunteering or pledging money.

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